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Author *Industry News* 2015 - 2024


posticon   Posted: 2023-08-02 23:44


Chairman Eddie Hearn strengthens Matchroom Board

Following his appointment as Chairman of the ever-expanding Matchroom Group of Companies, Eddie Hearn has strengthened his Board of Directors in anticipation of further growth in his successful enterprise.

Effective immediately, the Board of Matchroom Sport sees new additions with appointments of:

Emily Frazer CEO of Matchroom Multi Sport is elevated to Group Director following her success in creating and dominating the global world of 9 Ball as well as a variety of other sporting events in Fishing, Gymnastics, Ten Pin Bowling, Netball and Basketball.

Melanie Simmonds is promoted to Finance Director with specific responsibility on financial forecasts and strategic financial planning across the group.

Shaun Palmer joins the main board as Group General Counsel with specific responsibility for acquisitions and group expansion. Shaun also joins the boards of Matchroom Holdings and the Professional Darts Corporation as a Director. He retains his position as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Matchroom Boxing, as well as Director of Matchroom Boxing and Matchroom Boxing USA.

Giles Morgan has been invited to the Board as Non-Executive Director with specific responsibility with regard to group sponsorship activities after a lifetime of blue-chip sponsorship including as Global Head of Sponsorship for HSBC plc.

These new directors will join the existing Board of Eddie Hearn (Chairman), Steve Dawson (Chairman of World Snooker), Matt Porter (CEO of The Professional Darts Corporation), Frank Smith (CEO of Matchroom Boxing) and Katie Hearn (CEO of Matchroom Media).

This nine-person Board are charged on delivering future growth in terms of new events and greater bottom-line results whilst maintaining the standards expected of a major sports global company.

On the various subsidiary companies within the Matchroom Group they welcome:

• World Snooker - Jai Singh (Legal Counsel & Director)
• World Snooker - Peter Wright (Chief Commercial Officer)
• World Snooker - Tom Rowell (Marketing and Communication Officer)

• Matchroom Media - Andy Holmes (Director of Production)
• Matchroom Media - Nick Oldfield (Director of Broadcast Services)
• Matchroom Media - Jai Singh (Legal Counsel & Director)
• Professional Darts Corporation - Shaun Palmer (Director)

• Matchroom Multi Sport - Jai Singh (Legal Counsel & Director)

Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn said: “These are exciting times for Matchroom and we are delighted to announce these important moves today. We are a leading, global sports company and our new board structure future-proofs our intent to excel and dominate the sporting landscape further. Although we must navigate in uncertain economic times, our business trajectory continues to push new boundaries as we stage innovative, world-class events both here in the UK and internationally, where we also continue to create opportunities and attract the very best quality in talent across our teams to deliver dynamic results. Our diverse infrastructure and core company values to promote from within our Matchroom family beats at the very heart of this announcement. Now I am looking forward to working collectively with this talented team to scale grand new heights for our thriving enterprise.”

Non-Executive President of the Group, Barry Hearn said: “The last few years has seen dynamic growth of all Matchroom Companies due to the amazing efforts of a group of highly talented individuals. It has been a long journey from the 1982 formation of a £100 equity company to the world leader of niche sports that Matchroom has become, and I am proud of the growth of the group and excited by its future plans and opportunities. The Company, led by my son Eddie and my daughter Katie have the benefit of, in my opinion, the best management team out there and I am confident that they will continue the amazing growth we have experienced”.


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posticon   Posted: 2023-08-08 21:56



Aleksa Pecelj has won the Longoni Visoko Open in Bosnia & Herzegovina for a first World Nineball Tour title beating Croatia's Ante Šola in the final 9-3 to move to world number 23 and into the Mosconi Cup reckoning at number six ahead of the 2023 European Open Pool Championship getting underway today, Tuesday, 8 August.


Pecelj headed to Visoko off the back of a solid start to year so far and the Serbian continued that form to defeat Mustafa Alnar twice including in the semi-finals, Ana Gradisnik, and Vanja Kovacevic to lift the title.

The previous winner in Visoko, Niels Feijen travelled looking for a second title in as many tournaments. Still, it was Alnar that ended the world number 15's hopes of going back to back in the Last 16 while JS Junior Open winner Maks Benko lost out to Roberto Bartol in a hill-hill finish at the same stage.

World Pool Championship finalist Mohammad Soufi saw his run ended by Šola in the quarter-finals comprehensively 9-1 while previous finalist Sanjin Pehlivanovic fell at the semi-finals to Šola on his run to a maiden final.

Spasian Spasov and Vanja Kovacevic both registered their best finishes in a World Nineball Tour event by reaching the quarter-finals as over 20 nationalities took centre stage over the weekend event.

Pehlivanovic's run sees him leapfrog Spanish Open Pool Championship champion Dang Jin Hu, Mieszko Fortunski and Denis Grabe to become the new world number 24. Feijen remains at number 15 with Soufi number 16.


The first-ever Oceania Nineball Tour event in partnership with Pockets Sports will take place in Adelaide, Australia with a prize fund of $30,000 from August 18-20 - more information including the entry list is available here.


The signature Matchroom multi-table open event European Open Pool Championship is underway August 8-13 at Hotel Esperanto in Fulda, Germany with the first-ever Fillers’ Junior Open taking place on August 11-12.

Buy your tickets here from €15.


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posticon   Posted: 2023-08-11 18:43



The Asian Pool Promotions, TE Capital 9-Ball Open will return for a second year as a World Nineball Tour ranking event from November 29 to December 3 2023 at the Aspire Recreation Centre, Singapore.

The TE Capital 9-Ball Open offers players in the Asia region and beyond the opportunity to climb the World Nineball Tour Rankings with a prize fund of over $38,000 on the line for the tournament that’s open to all.

Conducted under the WNT event rules, the tournament sees the likes of home favourite Aloysius Yapp, World Pool Masters champion Ko Pin Yi, World Cup of Pool winners James Aranas and Johann Chua, and many more compete for glory with Chua heading to Singapore as the defending champion.

As part of the World Nineball Tour, points earned in 2022 by the likes of Chua and Ko afforded players some of the biggest opportunities on the calendar this year with the former seizing his chance at the World Cup of Pool where Bad Koi tasted victory for the Philippines whilst Ko claimed the World Pool Masters title for the first time.

Yapp said: "The inaugural edition was a great success last year and it was brilliant to see so many top players from our region coming out to play in my home country, Singapore. I am excited to get going again later this year and hopefully gain some World Nineball Tour ranking points which will open up many opportunities in 2024."

Dominic Pang from the Asian Pool Promotions said: "Building on the success of last year's inaugural APF Asian 9 ball event, we proudly bring pool fans our next installment, the TE Capital APP 9-Ball Open 2023. This championship promises a captivating showcase of thrilling excitement as Asia's best cuesports athletes vie for glory and honor on the worsted battlefield."

Terence Teo of TE Capital said: “As part of a shared commitment to supporting Sports and Games in Singapore, TE Capital Partners and Matchroom collaborate to present the upcoming App 9-ball Championships. With this sponsorship and a shared vision, we hope that such a major event will attract foreign players to our Shores which will help to further boost interest and recognition of Pool in Singapore.

TE Capital Partners is a uniquely positioned real estate investment and fund management firm, equipped with development management capabilities that focus on APAC real estate markets like Singapore, Australia, and Japan. Visit for more information.”

More details will follow soon regarding how fans will be able to watch the action live through Matchroom Pool social media pages.


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posticon   Posted: 2023-08-12 22:33



Ralph Eckert and Jeremy Jones will lead Team Europe and USA respectively for the 2023 Mosconi Cup, the 30th anniversary edition, at Alexandra Palace, London from December 6-9 live on Sky Sports in the UK, DAZN in the USA, and networks worldwide.

World-renowned instructor Eckert will follow in the footsteps of compatriot Oliver Ortmann in captaining Team Europe when the trans-Atlantic tussle gets underway in London later this year and will bring a wealth of experience that has seen him at the top level of the game since 1982.

Team Europe go into the Mosconi Cup in red-hot form with the side undefeated for the last three editions of the cup having tasted victory in Las Vegas last December, 11-7 as Joshua Filler picked up the Cuetec MVP crown in an electric four days of action that saw the USA push their European counterparts all the way.

Eckert is aware of the weight of responsibility on his shoulders: "I am overwhelmed. It's a very big honour. You can be captain of a local team or squad or national team but to be captain of a whole continent is something special. The atmosphere and the flashing lights of the Mosconi Cup is special. It's an honour to follow in the footsteps of Oliver."

"There certainly be some pressure but in general, I enjoy that. I am motivated by that pressure. It doesn't matter which topic it is, if there is some pressure, the recipe is still the same. We have to prepare and be optimistic and positive. We have to be calm and relaxed to deal with that we need to.”

“I will see how the two other automatic spots fill out then I will consider our wild cards. It's a team event, you have to have an experienced player, someone young up and coming, someone who takes the fun part, and someone who brings back together with he same mission. They're opponents for most of the week so you have to remember to have the same goal during the Mosconi Cup."

"I'm up for it. I do not worry too much." - Ralph Eckert

Eckert's team will be made up of three automatic selections coming from the World Nineball Tour Rankings with WNT number one Francisco Sanchez Ruiz already locking down the first spot in the side off the back of a year that has seen the Spaniard snap off the World Pool Championship title in February.

A further automatic selection will follow after the US Open Pool Championship at Harrah's Resort, Atlantic City from September 25-30 before one final automatic slot is confirmed after the inaugural Asian Open Pool Championship from 10-15 October in Hanoi City, Vietnam. The final two players for both Europe and the USA will be captain's wild cards meaning there is still a lot to play for on both sides.

Jones returns as the USA captain for a fourth year having tasted victory in 2019 as vice-captain. Double J is a heavyweight of the game with a knowledge bank of the USA pool scene like very few making him the standout candidate to strike a tune out of his side having run Team Europe so close in the last two editions of the cup.

With the European Open Championship still ongoing, it's not yet known who will take the first automatic spot on Team Europe with Skyler Woodward the red hot favourite. Mosconi Cup veteran Shane Van Boening must reach the final stages to prevent Woodward from qualifying at the end of this week."

"We have to keep the guys positive. They realise they were in a position to win the last two years. We need to feed off the positive and realise where we went wrong and I include myself in that. Our team is there to fight. That's our biggest asset. We will keep reminding them of that. We're there to go toe to toe with them. It's going to be the best Mosconi Cup yet, we go there (London) expecting a victory."

Jones is fully aware that their Mosconi Cup woes must end in London: "It feels really good. It's something I really wanted to do again. I want to get better at what I've done over the last few years. I was super proud of my team last year. They competed really well and stuck to most of the information we went over. It was a great week and we were in a position to win that cup but a few things got away. We have to look at that though and move forward. I've learned a lot."

"Its easy to get very involved and let the boil blood too quickly and easily. You have to stay in the moment. All those cliches stick around for a reason. We have to keep the team and me in the moment and slow things down. We need to let the chips fall where they may. I've looked at a lot of things already in anticipation of being captain again.

"We have to keep the team and me in the moment and slow things down." - Jeremy Jones

The stakes have never been higher for the Mosconi Cup with the prize fund ramped up by 30% with all members of the winning side set to take home $40,000 and runner-ups taking $20,000 each. Last year, the crowd in Las Vegas set the barometer for the atmosphere with levels expected to ramp up even further thanks to Matchroom’s plans to create a 360 arena in London for the first time as the USA look to win on European waters for the first time since 2018.

There are limited tickets available from £50 per day with a whole host of options available including VIP and following success in the USA, both Gold Sofas and VIP Sofas tickets offering fans the experience of a lifetime from behind the Team Europe and USA benches. VIP ticket holders will get access to the Mosconi Cup VIP lounge before play where they will be treated to a two-course buffet dinner along with unlimited drinks for four hours. Once in the arena, VIP holders will get a premium feel with a padded seat for the extra comfort.

Group Booking Discount – 10 or more people

Receive 10% off when purchasing 10 or more Gold and Silver tickets per session. Maximum 20 tickets. Book online or call Group Bookings on 0800 358 0058

Price Types

• VIP Hospitality – VIP Hospitality includes the below – £250 a day

• VIP Sofa – Includes VIP Hospitality package plus a sofa seat behind team benches – £350 a day

• VIP Table – Includes VIP Hospitality package and front row seat with a table – £300 a day

• Gold Sofa – Comfiest seat in the house like you’re watching from home – does not include hospitality – £165 a day

• Gold – £65 a day

• Silver – £50 a day


• Get closer to the action with a premium padded seat for extra comfort.

• Glass of Prosecco on arrival

• Enjoy a two-course course buffet dinner in the Mosconi Cup VIP Lounge before play

• Unlimited wines, beers, and soft drinks for 4 hours – cut off at the start of the last rack.

• Photo opportunity with the Mosconi Cup Trophy

• Private Bar and Cloakroom in the Mosconi Cup Lounge

• Official event programme

• Daily meet and greet with the Mosconi Cup players and captains

• Exclusive VIP lanyard

If you require Accessible Seating, please contact 0800 640 5001 to help us meet your needs



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posticon   Posted: 2023-09-21 10:41



The new era of Nineball has today been bolstered with the addition of the new Hanoi Open Pool Championship, broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK & Ireland, which replaces the former Asian Open Pool Championship in a strategic name change.

Some of the game’s greatest players will descend on the capital of Vietnam for the inaugural championship as they compete for the $200,000 prize fund.

Beginning on Capital Liberation Day on 10 October, the tournament will create a landmark legacy for the City of Hanoi with the World Nineball Tour pledging its commitment to stage this world-class international sporting event every year in Vietnam.

It will also adopt the newly named Hanoi Junior Open in which some of South-East Asia’s brightest pool prospects will showcase their incredible talents.

Both the Hanoi Open Pool Championship and Hanoi Junior Open are fully backed by Hanoi City which has endorsed the event with its former name strategically changed as part of Matchroom’s exciting vision to build a sporting legacy in Hanoi.

Players who had registered to take part in this year’s Asian Open will automatically compete in the latest addition to the WNT calendar which will be held annually. Those who have obtained/requested visas or booked hotels based on the previous name will not be affected by the name change.

Reigning 2023 World Champion Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, who defeated Mohammad Soufi 13-10 in the final live on Sky Sports in the UK & Ireland, will be looking to dominate once again as he heads the field of 256 players taking part at Hanoi Indoor Games Gymnasium, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Emily Frazer, Matchroom’s CEO of Multi-Sports, said: “This is major news for Nineball and it underlines our commitment to staging the first of many world-class annual events in what is one of the sport’s premier international destinations in the historic city of Hanoi.

“We are incredibly excited that many of the game’s leading players will take part in the rebranded Hanoi Open Pool Championship, which enhances the World Professional Nineball Pool Corporation’s schedule.

“We are also delighted to receive support from the relevant authorities in Hanoi, who share our vision to take this tournament – and the Hanoi Junior Open – to grand new heights.”

Vietcontent President Ms. Tran Thuy Chi added: "Vietnam currently is one of the countries with the largest number of pool players in Asia and the World.

"In Hanoi, the capital has been considered as a strong city of 9-ball pool for many years - with Hanoi athletes having contributed 3 SEA Games gold medals to the Pool National team in 2009. It’s the reason for Hanoi to cooperate with Matchroom to host the very first Hanoi Open Pool Championship - the best opportunity to bring Hanoi to the world in bring the world to Hanoi.

“Together with Hanoi City, Vietcontent is excited to be the host partner of this event, a very meaningful event for sports fans in Vietnam."

Live rack-by-rack scoring will be available throughout the event at thanks to our partners PRP.

Wherever you are in the world, you can catch the action through Matchroom’s global broadcast partners, or via Matchroom.Live in selected territories.

Fans in the UK and Ireland-based fans being able to catch this on Sky Sports and those watching in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, and Netherlands can enjoy live on Viaplay. The final two days will also be available through Rigour Media for cuesports fans in China.

Hanoi Open Pool Championship partners VietContent will broadcast all six days on their channels for fans in Vietnam. The opening four days will be available globally via the Matchroom Pool YouTube channel.

Full broadcast details will be published ahead of the Hanoi Open Pool Championship, with ticket details to follow in the coming days.


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posticon   Posted: 2023-09-22 15:52



The World Nineball Tour is heading to Chinese Taipei with the addition of the inaugural Universal Chinese Taipei Open – the first in a series of WNT Ranking Events held in Taipei.

Hosted by WNT partner Fullcan Management Consulting between 16-18th November at Hulk Billiards Flagship Hall in Taipei Ximengding, the latest WNT Ranking Event will welcome the brightest Nineball talents from across the continent to one of Taipei’s premier pool rooms.

Chinese Taipei is a hotbed for producing global talent, with current World Pool Master Ko Pin Yi and brother, WNT No.11 ranked Ko Ping Chung hailing from the City of Azaleas.

With a total prize fund of $15,460 and conducted under the WNT Event Rules, the Universal Chinese Taipei Open is the latest in a string of WNT Ranking Events heading to South-East Asia.

Bolstering the World Nineball Tour in Asia, alongside the recent addition of the Hanoi Open Pool Championship, Vietnam’s capital will play host to the Peri 9-Ball Open in the days ahead of Matchroom’s latest Major. Between November 29th to December 3rd, Singapore will host the TE Capital 9-Ball Open for the second consecutive year.

This first event will act as a springboard to expand Matchroom’s activity in Chinese Taipei, with the second Open event set to be held in December, with a view for four additional WNT Ranking Events held in Taipei in 2024.

Marvin Wang from Fullcan Management Consulting said: “We feel honoured to become a joint promoter of Matchroom for the Chinese Taipei Open (CTO).

“Pool in Taipei has had a very prosperous and fruitful growth and produced several world champions such as Chao, Wu, Chang, and the Ko brothers for the men’s and Liu, Lin, and Chou for the women’s. We appreciate all the great efforts from our players to bring almost 30 world titles for Chinese Taipei.

“These remarkable achievements makes Chinese Taipei famous for pool not only in Asia but also worldwide. Fullcan is a CPBA affiliate company managing for the sales and channel marketing for CPBA and Moori worldwide.

“We are grateful to see World Nineball Tour Ranking events held in Taipei. Asia has a total population over 4.2 billion. There are tonnes of good players in Asia and we want to create stages for these underdogs to shine.

“We are privileged to have Universal as our title sponsor for our inaugural event – a highly-reputable global cue manufacturer. Hopefully, we can see more partners and sponsors joining our dream to create a stronger environment for the Asian pool community.”

Hulk Pool Room’s Claire Chen added: “Taipei is the fourth safest city in the world and we welcome all players worldwide to enjoy the warm and hospitable atmosphere.

“With Six Metro lines, Taipei is one of the most accessible transport systems in the world to allow player’s to join us at Hulk.

“In the daytime, I wish you all the very best performance during the tense competition. At night, we welcome you to experience the beauty of our capital, to relax, and to recharge yourself.”

Matchroom Multi Sport CEO Emily Frazer is excited about the direction of the WNT in Asia: “Since the birth of the WNT, it is integral to our professional tour to work with partners who share our vision of a truly global tour for everyone.

“I’d like to express my thanks to Marvin and the team at Fullcan Management for their collaborative efforts in launching a new series of events with us in Chinese Taipei. This is an untapped market for Nineball with substancial growth and demand, plus with our reigning World Pool Masters Champion hailing from that region, it makes this the perfect next launch. I am thrilled at our progression of events in South-East Asia which will only further expand and develop as we look ahead to 2024.

“A truly global, professional tour.”

More details will follow soon for Player Entries, as well as how fans will be able to watch the action live through Matchroom Pool’s social media channels. For further information, please contact Jackie Ku here.


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posticon   Posted: 2023-09-24 19:48



Moritz Neuhausen is the latest entrant in the WNT Winners’ Circle after landing the CueLees Connecticut 9-ball Open – beating Chang Yu-Lung 13-6 in the final to secure a maiden WNT Ranking title.


The 19-year-old German delivered an incredible tournament at US 1 Billiards & Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, defeating the likes of five-time US Open champion Shane Van Boening, WNT No. 11 Ko Ping Chung and a phenomenal 9-0 whitewashing of European Open champion David Alcaide – with seven consecutive break and run-outs to boot.

Defeat to Carlo Biado last weekend in the Raxx Pool Room Open was the motivation to spur Neuhausen on, with success in Connecticut capping off a fantastic fortnight in the United States.

The $15,000 top prize moves the German prodigy into the WNT top 16 and Mosconi Cup contention for Team Europe, where a strong run at the US Open Pool Championship – with action getting underway from 10:00am ET Monday 25th September on DAZN in the United States – could see him secure the second automatic spot in December’s historic 30th edition of the trans-atlantic tussle.

Chang Yu-Lung showed the stacked 126-man field what he was made of en-route to the final. Wins over Team USA Mosconi Cup hopeful Billy Thorpe, European Open runner-up Anton Raga and WNT No. 4 Mario He lead the Chinese Taipei star to $8,200 WNT Ranking Points.

Van Boening carried the flag for the US – the only American to go beyond the last 16 before falling to Neuhausen in the semi-final. SVB’s brilliance was showcased with a magnificent 10-0 thrashing of Lee Van Corteza – featuring eight break and run-outs.

Tied on five titles at the US Open with the legendary Earl Strickland, a top-four finish puts the South Dakota Kid in strong-stead for a shot at the title in Atlantic City.


The signature Matchroom multi-table and oldest major in the sport, the US Open Pool Championship takes place at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, USA from September 25-30 where Francisco Sanchez Ruiz will look to defend his title.

The SVB Junior Open will return on September 28-29 with full information and available entries open to Juniors aged 17 and under here.

Buy your tickets here from $25.


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08, October 2023, Doha, Qatar – In conjunction with the 2023 Qatar 9-Ball Open, yet another 300,000 USD event in a record breaking year of the WPA which surpassed a total of 5,000,000 USD in annual prize funds for men and women, the WPA General Assembly convened.

The assembly decided to financially support a youth development program in all six regions under the WPA umbrella. This program will provide both financial and training assistance to continue the ongoing growth of the sport globally. Additionally, the WPA then had to deal with a matter that no member was looking forward to discussing, the growing number of non WPA sanctioned events around the world.

The assembly did hear a report regarding a last attempt to a possible solution and to continue communication with promoters to the matter at hand, but the answer was a simple no. That left the assembly with no other alternative than to discuss how to best move forward with the current situation.

After long deliberation the assembly ended up deciding on the following: the players will be given almost five months to choose if they will continue representing their respective national and continental federations under the WPA, or if they elect to participate in only non WPA events and tournaments.

Players participating in non WPA sanctioned events that qualify for WPA sanctioning starting the 1 st March 2024 will have the following impact: loss of all WPA ranking points and no further participation in events on a national, continental or global level under the WPA.

When a player would like to return to participate in WPA events they will be unable to participate in any event for six months and have a 500 USD fine which will be paid to the player´s national federation. About World Pool Association The World Pool Association (WPA) is the international governing body for pool (pocket billiards), dedicated to promoting and regulating the sport of pool worldwide.

Formed in 1987, the WPA is headed by a board of directors consisting of representatives from Oceania, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America with a commitment to fostering fair play, sportsmanship, and excellence for all pool players.

The WPA is an associate member of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS), which is the international umbrella organization, recognized by the IOC, and that encompasses all major cue sports.

9th October, 2023
Bradalsfjellet 58A 2022 Gjerdrum, NORWAY +
47 9244 6195
CONTACT: Jorgen Sandman WPA General Secretary


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Lasko, Slovenia


11th October 2023

THE SEMI-FINALS of the 2023 LONGONI 9 BALL LEAGUE played out on
Wednesday evening as the Netherlands and Norway secured spots in
November’s championship match in Treviso, Italy. Both matches were full
of drama as they went to deciding racks.

The featured match was defending champions Poland, made up of Mieszko
Fortunski and Daniel Maciol, against Norway – Emil-Andre Gangflot and
Mikael Oegaard. Teams are selected from the Euro Tour rankings with the
two highest rated players in attendance competing.

Gangflot, a former multiple European Youth gold medallist, who is
seasoning himself in the senior ranks with some good results, was
partnered by Mikael Oegaard, the No.19 ranked player on the Euro Tour.

They took the opening rack in the race-to-7, alternate shot format. In
the next, Gangflot gave up ball-in-hand as he failed to connect with a
rail, kicking out of a snooker, and the Poles levelled the match at 1-1.

A huge break from Gangflot saw three balls drop and a tricky pot on the
red 3-ball. Oegaard made it, centre pocket but Gangflot couldn't nudge
the 5-ball fee when pocketing the 4. Maciol escaped from the subsequent
safety but a 5/9 combination sealed the rack for Norway. 2-1.

Poland failed on the three-point rule but a missed 2-ball from Oegaard
saw both teams go back and forth with safeties. In the end it was a
loose shot on the 5-ball by Fortunski that gave the Norwegians the
opportunity to close the rack out for 3-1.

Norway took the next to leave themselves looking good with a 4-1 lead. A
good break was required from Fortunski and he duly obliged, downing four
and leaving a nice open table that allowed the Poles to grab one back.

Following a push out from Norway, the Poles handed a table-length jump
shot back to Gangflot and he executed it superbly, downing the 2 and
gaining perfect position on the 3-ball and from that position, Norway
made it 5-2. Poland, though, ran out the next rack to stay within two
racks. In the ninth game, Gangflot left a testing 9-ball to reach the
hill but Oegaard was equal to it.

The Poles cleared from the break to keep themselves in the match at 6-4
and a ball-in-hand opportunity following an Oegaard scratch, saw Poland
run through the table to reduce the arrears to a single rack.

Norway had a great opportunity to close the match out in the penultimate
rack. The two players left each other a succession of difficult shots
before Oegaard missed on the 8-ball to hand the rack to Poland and take
it to a decider. It was Norway who prevailed though, to reach the final
of the second running of this event.

“We’re very happy with that. We played pretty solid all match, although
we struggled a bit to close the match and fortunately, they missed on
6-6,” said Gangflot.

The other semi-final also went to a decider and was a terrific showcase
for some of Europe’s up-and-coming stars making their way after a ton of
success in the juniors.

It was Estonia comprised of Revo Maimre and WPA World Under 17 champion
Karl Gnadeberg, against the Netherland who were represented by Jan Rempe
and multi-European Youth gold medallist, Yannick Pongers.

The match itself was nip and tuck all the way. The Estonian pair opened
up a 2-0 lead which soon became a 3-2 Dutch lead. The Netherlands
couldn’t break away as it went 3-3, 4-4 and then 5-5 before Estonia
reached the hill at 6-5.

Pongers and Rempe dug in though, to square the match. It was the type of
match where it was a shame one of them had to lose, but it was the
Netherlands who clinched it to take themselves into the final which
takes place on 23rd November.

Commented Rempe, “It was a very exciting and close match. I was
struggling myself, missed some easy shots and wasn’t comfortable so I
was concentrating on my own game rather than what they were doing. I
left all the decision making to Yannick.”

Pongers added, “I didn’t really expect to play to play - I was here for
the Euro Tour so that was nice and a great win for us. Hopefully, we’ll
be back for the final.”

The competition involves 12 national teams divided into groups of three.
Each team plays the other once and the country which tops each table
moves forward into the semi-finals. All competing players are selected
on a match-by-match basis with the two highest-ranked players from
competing nations in attendance making up the team.

All matches and groups are contained within the attached graphics and
all matches can be viewed at


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EPBF Women’s Euro Tour

The Euro Tour Women EPBF Treviso Open

Super Sarac Takes First ET Trophy

26th November 2023

SERBIA’S BOJANA SARAC claimed her first EPBF Women’s Euro Tour title as
she dominated proceedings to defeat Oliwia Zalewska (Poland) by 7-1 at
the Best Western Premier BHR Hotel in Treviso. The 22-year-old had
previously been a beaten finalist twice but she delivered a
near-faultless performance for a satisfying victory.

Zalewska, 28, was the much more experienced of the two having won five
Euro Tours previously including in Tallinn earlier this year. She was
never at the races, though, as Sarac never let her off the hook.

Zalewska won the lag but lost the visit and Sarac soon ran out to take
the opener. Then a solid break from Sarac saw a ball drop, leaving her a
straight shot on the 1-ball. A perfect positional shot set up an easy
3/9 combination to move into a 2-0 lead.

Zalewska made a good break but scratched trying to kick at the 2-ball.
It was a good ball-in-hand opportunity for the Serbian girl and she
confidently ran the table to increase her lead. A great break from Sarac
saw the 1-ball drop into the centre pocket, leaving a good look at the
2-ball. That went down and she came with some outstanding play, both
potting and positional, to clear for a 4-0 lead.

Zalewska made a couple of balls from her break shot but with the 2-ball
blocked, she pushed out. She left a difficult long cut on the 2-ball but
Sarac was equal to it as she continued her flawless play to clear for a
5-0 lead.

Sarac made a couple of balls on the next break but with no other ball
passing the headstring, it was Zalewska's table. With nothing doing, she
passed it back and Sarac left a difficult 2 ball from which the Polish
girl played safe. They both had visits before Sarac fouled to give
ball-in-hand to Zalewska and she took advantage to get her first rack on
the board.

That small momentum was soon lost and Sarac reached the hill courtesy of
a table-length kick on the 3 ball which enabled her to run out. Zalewska
rescued a poor situation with a terrific kick shot to pot the 2-ball and
position herself for the 3. Unfortunately, she missed the 5-ball when it
looked easier to pot and left it hanging for Sarac. The young Serb
composed herself and ran the table for her first Euro Tour title.

Sarac was naturally thrilled with her victory after a couple of near
misses; “It feels amazing! I’ve been already two times to the final so
three times is a charm! I played very well though - I was bit surprised
myself. I talked to my husband in a time out in my semi-final. He’s
always telling me the same thing; to stay calm and not think about my
misses but I tend to get nervous, anxious and angry. He calmed me down
which was good and when I won that match, the pressure fell off going
into the final.

“As the match went on, I didn’t think about anything. I was in the zone
and started playing and at 5-0 I felt we’d just started the match. It’s
a good feeling as you don’t see the audience, you don’t see the result
or that it’s the final which is very nice. But then I realised that I
had to fight still because Oliwia is a great player and she could come
back,” she added.

As well as the prize money, there are Tour ranking points on offer, so
there is everything to play for. All Euro Tour tournaments are 9-ball
and players compete in a double-elimination format and then single
elimination until the conclusion. All matches are races to 7 racks with
alternate break.

All the matches can be viewed live by visiting and clicking on the ‘LIVE’ button.
This will take you through to viewing options. In addition, selected
matches will be streamed on Facebook Live on the EPBF page.

Results, live scoring, and draw are available at


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WPA Joins Hands With Joy Billiards to Promote Heyball
By GBE Organizing Committee

This Dec. 2nd in Guangzhou, China, the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and Joy Billiards reached a cooperation agreement to jointly promote international Heyball (Chinese 8-Ball) events and push for the sport’s inclusion in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

Industry leading figures like Mr. Ian Anderson, vice president of World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS), Mr. Ishaun Singh, president of WPA, Jorgen Sandman, general secretary of WPA, Mr. Qiao Yuanxu, founder and chairman of Joy Billiards, etc. attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, Joy Billiards will invest a total of more than US$6 million to support the staging of multiple international billiards events in the next three years, including the Heyball World Junior Championships, Heyball World Championship, Champion of Champions, a series of open tournaments in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the World Cup in 2026.

Heyball (Chinese 8-Ball) is currently one of the four most widely played cue sports worldwide, and has been included in the World Games 2025, Chengdu. We look forward to seeing it in the Southeast Asian Games and Doha 2030 in the near future.

Over 200 Exhibitors Have Signed up for GBE 2024 by This Mid-Dec.
Despite the show is still five months away, booth demand has been so strong that by this mid-Dec., over 200 exhibitors have reserved their booths, leaving not much space left on the floor map.

Partial New Exhibitors Joining GBE 2024 in the Past Two Months

Chuangshi Kaijia



Niche & Maximus

Yes Billiards


Sunray Sports

Junyao Lighting

Aosikang Stone


Yihao Jiqiuqi

Huijiahao Lighting

Lingtuo Lighting



Partial Featured Exhibitors of GBE 2024



Dynaspheres (Belgium)

Strachan 6811 (UK)

Aramith (Belgium)

Simonis (Belgium)

Taom (Finland)



KK Baineng









Liber Win


Super Blue Diamond

Duya Billiards



ECLAT Cue & Tip

Ball Teck Korea


Jingdian Group

Superior Table Felt




Fondly Love

Hongniu Snooker

Bodong Sports

War Cloud


Zhangyu Cues

Andy Billiard Cloth


Mingtai Lighting

Jubao Carpet

Zhongsheng Tianze



What’s more, the GBE committee has recently established media partnership with WPA, which is expected to bring in more quality international exhibitors and buyers for the 2024 event.


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Eight exciting partnerships set for new one-day Vegas event

• Allison Fisher & Shane van Boening
• Kelly Fisher & Alex Kazakis
• Pia Filler & Joshua Filler
• Jasmin Ouschan & Albin Ouschan
• Margaret Fefilova-Styer & Tyler Styer
• Kristina Tkach & Fedor Gorst
• Wei Tzu-Chien & Ko Pin Yi
• Chang Lung-Lin & Chou Chieh-Yu

Shane van Boening will partner Allison Fisher as one of eight exciting pairings for the new Apex Mixed Doubles invitational event, which will take place at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas on February 25, 2024.

All eight doubles have been confirmed for the one-day tournament, which is part of the CueSports International Expo. Kelly Fisher will team up with Alex Kazakis, Ko Pin-Yi partners Wei Tzu-Chien, and Chang Lung-Lin will play alongside Chou Chieh-Yu.

Fedor Gorst will play alongside Kristina Tkach while Austrian siblings Jasmin and Albin Ouschan make a brother-sister pairing for the event. Two married couples - Joshua and Pia Filler and Tyler Styer and wife Margarita Fefilova-Styer – complete a strong line-up of eight invited pairings.

The new event will be played on two TV tables at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. All participants will earn prize money from the $25,000 prize fund.

The single elimination invitational will use the Predator Pro Billiard Series sets format and the winning pair will earn $10,000. Fans will be able to watch every match live on the new Pro Billiard TV YouTube Channel.

The Apex Mixed Doubles will take place the day after the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Las Vegas Opens, which mark the start of the 2024 season for the Predator Pro Billiard Series.

The exciting new $100,000 PBS Women’s Showdown follows from February 27-March 1. This event will continue the Pro Billiard Series’ commitment to the Women’s game. The top 8 players on the WPA Women’s Ranking have been invited, and eight Pro Billiard Series invites will complete the 16-player field.

The Predator WPA World 10-Ball Men’s Championship completes a thrilling line-up of major professional events at the CueSports International Expo, with the new World Champion to be crowned after the final on March 2.

All five tournaments will be streamed free with two TV tables live on the Pro Billiard TV YouTube channel. For more information visit and follow @ProBilliardSeries on social media.


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posticon   Posted: 2024-01-25 19:30


Kozoom Returns for 2024 EPBF Season

25th January 2024

THE EUROPEAN POCKET Billiard Federation is delighted to announce a
resumption of their long-standing relationship with Kozoom as it looks
ahead to its events over the 2024 season and beyond.
After an absence of a year in which the EPBF used different platforms
and providers, the French cue sports production company will be
returning for all men’s and women’s Euro Tours as well as adults,
juniors, wheelchair users and seniors European Championship events for
this year as well as 2025 and 2026.

Their first event of the season will be the two Euro Tour tournaments,
taking place in Tallinn, Estonia, from Thursday to Sunday, 15th to 18th
March. Kozoom will be streaming two tables live throughout including the
finals. Table 1 will be exclusively on the Kozoom YouTube channel while
Table 2 will run on the EPBF’s YouTube platform.

Tables 3 upwards will all be live via Kozoom’s pay-per-view website and
there will be yearly/monthly as well as individual event subscription
options available. In addition, the partnership leaves the option open
to resume live television coverage of the Euro Tour, should the
opportunity arise.

Commented President of the EPBF, Gre Leenders, “For the EPBF, after a
year's absence, it is wonderful to announce the renewed cooperation with
our former live stream partner, Kozoom.
After a one-year hiatus, the paths have crossed again and a 3-year
agreement has been agreed.

“A Dutch proverb says, "A good wine needs no wreath", which means that
Kozoom needs no introduction. The high-quality live stream & TV
production offered by this broadcast partner is well-known in Europe and
far beyond.

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank Reelive, our live stream
partner in 2023, for its efforts over the past year and at the same time
we look forward to a wonderful three-year cooperation with Kozoom,” he

Xavier Carrer, founder and CEO of Kozoom said, "We're thrilled to be
working together with the EPBF again to capture and bring all these
events to the viewers around the world. As the longest continental tour
in the world, we are proud to once more be part of these events."



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Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition 2024 Expands to 40,000 Sq.m
By GBE Committee

Due to unexpected strong booth demand this year, the 18th Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE 2024), which originally planed a 30,000 sq.m show floor, will expand to an unprecedented 40,000 sq.m!

In addition, to enhance overseas visitors’ show experience, the organizing committee of GBE will provide two nights of free hotel accommodation. To enjoy this service, please preregister via our link below and save your personal QR code after the registration.

【GBE 2024 Visitor Registration】

Three Exhibition Halls Fully Booked By Jan. 2024

30,000 sq.m of exhibition space has been fully booked by over 200 exhibitors as of this Jan. and yet tons of exhibitor inquiries are still pouring in everyday. With the show floor now expanded to 40,000 sq.m, GBE 2024 is expected to receive 300+ exhibitors this May!


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EPBF will provide on-site training to develop global network of elite tournament officials

The Predator Pro Billiard Series will partner with the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) to bring its world-class refereeing organization to PBS events around the world and develop a new global network of elite tournament officials.

The EPBF and Predator Pro Billiard Series (PBS) will work together throughout 2024 to improve the level of refereeing around the world, with the EPBF bringing the tools it employs in Europe to every Pro Billiard Series event globally.

Current Predator Pro Billiard Series staff and referees will work alongside EPBF officials with the goal of creating a worldwide network of pool referees to take charge of PBS events. The EPBF will manage the refereeing of all Predator Pro Billiard Series events and will provide on-site training to develop a new relationship between the EPBF and officials outside of Europe.

Vincent Rochefort, Event Manager for the Predator Pro Billiard Series, said: “We are excited to begin this new partnership with EPBF. We will work with EPBF Head Referee Roman Mirakhmedov and the EPBF team with the goal of developing and improving the level of refereeing around the world.

“The EPBF has one of the best standards of refereeing and tournament organization in the world. We are grateful of this opportunity to bring that expertise to the Predator Pro Billiard Series as we continue to develop the Series around the world. To be able to learn from the EPBF and work in partnership together gives us the opportunity to improve the level all around the world to match what the EPBF already provides for tournaments in Europe.”

Roman Mirakhmedov, Head Referee for the EPBF, said: “We are very excited to collaborate with the Predator Pro Billiard Series on the worldwide referee training project. EPBF Referee Team has been working on structured referee development for 20 years, and we are confident that our sport could benefit greatly from a globally unified approach to refereeing.

“It is the first initiative of such scale in the history of pool, and we could not think of a better partner and supporter than Predator Group. We hope that this work will help PBS to keep raising the bar and offering some the most exciting and professionally run pool events worldwide.”

The Predator Pro Billiard Series and EPBF will start working together when the 2024 Predator Pro Billiard Series begins at the CueSports International Expo in Las Vegas. Five professional events will take place at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino from February 21 through March 5 with $500,000 to be paid in prize money. The pro events at the Expo will begin with the men’s and women’s Las Vegas Opens. Two exciting new events follow; the Apex Mixed Doubles on February 25 and the PBS Women’s Showdown, which begins February 27. The pro events conclude with the 2024 Predator WPA World 10-Ball Men’s Championship.

The partnership with EPBF will then continue across all Predator Pro Billiard Series events.

All Predator Pro Billiard Series tournaments are streamed free on the Pro Billiard TV YouTube channel and on Billiard TV. For more information visit and folloW @ProBilliardSeries on social media.


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RASSON BILLIARDS remain as the official table supplier of Matchroom single table events as part of a new agreement with the Chinese table manufacturer.

The RASSON pool table is the table of choice for the World Nineball Tour’s Mosconi Cup, World Pool Masters and World Cup of Pool with the partnership stretching back since 2016. RASSON also provide their high-performance tables for the Hanoi Open Pool Championship.

The new extension will also see RASSON become the official table supplier of Premier League Pool (PLP), a unique two-table league format hosted at US 1 Billiards, West Haven, Connecticut between March 18-25.

RASSON will continue to benefit from exposure through Matchroom Pool’s ever-expanding social footprint with over 1.5million followers worldwide, including in China on Weibo, one of the country’s leading social media platforms.

Working closely with Matchroom, RASSON has refined their table to make it some of the toughest conditions in the sport, creating a professional universal standard for World Nineball Tour professionals and events.

The agreement also sees RASSON BILLIARDS continue to supply the tables for Matchroom’s prestigious Champion of Champions snooker event where the 16 winners from the previous year on the World Snooker Tour compete for £440,000 and at Matchroom’s Championship League Snooker events (Ranking and Invitational versions).

Kevina Wu, Business Manager of RASSON said: “We are delighted to be back working with Matchroom on Premier League Pool. For the first PLP event in 2022, it’s RASSON who supplied the OX tables for the event and we’re very happy that this time the event will be played on our Acurra tables at US 1 Billiards Club. Since last year, the Acurra has become the world-renowned, best-selling table all over the world due to its sleek design, superior playability and peerless high cost performance.

“Matchroom is the most prestigious company in the world for producing billiards events, and we look forward to cooperating with Matchroom on more events in the long future. Among the 16 players participating in the PLP event, seven are from the RASSON Pro team. We firmly believe this will be a wonderful event and wish PLP a huge success!”

Emily Frazer, Matchroom Multi Sport CEO added: “The World Nineball Tour has raised the bar and RASSON has been integral in that journey to professionalisation. As a hugely valued partner of Matchroom, we are delighted to extend our partnership together. They share our visions and goals to continue elevating the world of Nineball and we are thrilled to continue this journey with them.”

Visit to review the products and dealer details around the world.


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The 2024 Predator Pro Billiard Series kicks off tomorrow with the Las Vegas Open, presented by Rums of Puerto Rico.

The Las Vegas Men's division begins tomorrow, February 21, followed by the Women's division on February 22, with a combined prize pool of $160,000 for both events.

Wiktor Zielinski from Poland and Seo Seoa from South Korea return as the defending champions, promising intense competition from the onset.

This event is part of the Cue Sports International Expo, held at the Rio Hotel in collaboration with the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League.

Spanning from February 21 to March 2, the Pro Billiard Series hosts five professional tournaments with an aggregate prize pool over $500,000.

These tournaments include the Las Vegas Open by Rums of Puerto Rico, the PBS Women Showdown, the Apex Mixed Doubles, and the prestigious Predator WPA Men's World 10 Ball Championship.


Making its debut, the PBS Women Showdown introduces a thrilling $100,000 9-ball event showcasing 16 elite female players. Scheduled from February 27 to March 1, all participants are guaranteed prize money, with the ultimate champion securing $35,000.


Immediately following the conclusion of the Men’s and Women’s Las Vegas Opens, the inaugural Apex Mixed Doubles invitational will take place on February 25.

Eight formidable pairs are set to vie for a $25,000 prize fund:

Allison Fisher & Shane van Boening
Kelly Fisher & Alex Kazakis
Pia Filler & Joshua Filler
Jasmin Ouschan & Albin Ouschan
Margaret Fefilova-Styer & Tyler Styer
Kristina Tkach & Fedor Gorst
Wei Tzu-Chien & Ko Pin Yi
Chang Lung-Lin & Chou Chieh-Yu


64 players will compete for a total prize fund of $250,000 ($70,000 for the world champion). Eklent Kaci from Albania will defend the title.

Pool fans can watch 2 TV tables live for free on YouTube via Pro Billiard TV. Fans can also come and watch the action for free at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino.

The event is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and partners including Predator Group, Rums of Puerto Rico, Cue Sports International, Kamui, Yalin, Medalla Light, and Samsung TV.


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posticon   Posted: 2024-02-24 08:40


GDM Sports Welcomes Industry Visionary, Mr. Xavier Carrer,
as Worldwide Commercial and Marketing Manager

Oelegem, February 21st, 2024 - GDM Sports, a leading name in the sports and leisure industry, is thrilled to announce a significant addition to its leadership team. Mr. Xavier Carrer, a distinguished professional with 25 years of successful experience, will be joining GDM Sports as the Worldwide Commercial and Marketing Manager, effective February 20th, 2024.

In his illustrious career, Mr. Carrer has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the billiards industry. His remarkable journey as the Founder of Kozoom Group has been marked by innovation, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Now, GDM Sports is privileged to welcome him aboard as he takes on a new challenge in steering the global commercial and marketing endeavors for the Gabriels Billiards, Molinari Cues, Vector Rubber Cushions, and Dynaspheres Balls brands.

Mr. Carrer's arrival at GDM Sports is a testament to the company's commitment to fostering top-tier talent and further establishing itself as a powerhouse in the sports industry. His wealth of experience and industry insight will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of GDM Sports and its affiliated brands.

Working alongside Mr. Thierry Gabriels in his final year before retirement, Mr. Carrer will play a key role in shaping the future trajectory of these iconic billiards brands. Together, they aim to build upon the foundation of success that has been laid out and elevate the brands to new heights of prominence and innovation.

GDM Sports expresses its sincere excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead with Mr. Xavier Carrer at the helm of global commercial and marketing operations. The company is confident that his leadership will bring fresh perspectives, strategic foresight, and a renewed energy to drive GDM Sports and its associated brands to unprecedented achievements.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mr. Xavier Carrer as he embarks on this exciting new chapter with GDM Sports.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

About GDM Sports:
GDM Sports is a dynamic player in the sports and leisure industry, dedicated
to providing cutting-edge products and experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.
With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, GDM Sports
continues to be a leading force in shaping the future of sports and leisure.


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posticon   Posted: 2024-02-27 07:46


Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition 2024 Expands to 40,000 Sq.m

Due to unexpected strong booth demand this year, the 18th Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE 2024), which originally planed a 30,000 sq.m show floor, will expand to an unprecedented 40,000 sq.m!

In addition, to enhance overseas visitors’ show experience, the organizing committee of GBE will provide two nights of free hotel accommodation. To enjoy this service, please preregister via our link below and save your personal QR code after the registration.

GBE 2024 Visitor Registration


Three Exhibition Halls Fully Booked By Jan. 2024

30,000 sq.m of exhibition space has been fully booked by over 200 exhibitors as of this Jan. and yet tons of exhibitor inquiries are still pouring in everyday. With the show floor now expanded to 40,000 sq.m, GBE 2024 is expected to receive 300+ exhibitors this May!


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posticon   Posted: 2024-03-05 00:02



The Predator Pro Billiard Series has agreed to a three-year partnership with Yalin, billiard tables’ manufacturer, to be the official sponsor of the Yalin WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship until 2026.

Yalin, headquartered in Jinan, China, produces high-quality tables across all billiards sports and was previously title sponsor of the WPA Women’s World 10-Ball Championship from 2010-2013.

This new, global strategic partnership between Yalin and Predator Pro Billiard Series aims to further strengthen the growth of billiards around the world and will see the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship staged in Asia in 2025 and 2026. The 2024 event will take place in the Americas later in 2024, with full details to be confirmed by Predator Pro Billiard Series soon.

Predator Group CEO Karim Belhaj, explains: "I first met Eric Ding, President of Yalin, in Manila over a decade ago. Yalin was title sponsor of the Women’s World 10-Ball Championship and Predator was an event partner. It was there that I saw Eric’s passion for the sport we all love.

“It’s exciting to be able to partner with Yalin as title sponsor of the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship for the next three years, beginning an exciting partnership.

“As part of that partnership the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship will be staged in Asia in 2025 and 2026, continuing our mission to develop the sport globally and expand the global diversity of the Predator Pro Billiard Series.”

Eric Ding, President of Yalin added: “It's our pleasure to partner with the Predator Pro Billiard Series to promote the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship.

“As a well-known brand of billiard supplies in the world, Predator Group and Pro Billiard Series have been successful in their organization and promotion of WPA World Championships all over the world.

“Predator Group has sounded the horn on seven continents and we are excited to join hands to become a global strategic partner to jointly promote 8 ball.

“China Yalin Sports Group and the US Predator Group, the two powerful companies in the East and West will once again write a new chapter in the global billiards sports, to take the WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship to a new climax!”

Details of the 2024 WPA World 8-Ball Men’s Championship will be announced on Pro Billiard Series social media channels. For more information visit Pro Billiard Series website and follow @ProBilliardSeries on social media.


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