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Robbie Capito Is The 2024 UK Open Pool Champion

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Date: Monday, May 13 2024 @ 07:05:03 UTC
Topic: 9 Ball

2024 UK Open
Telford International Centre
International Way
Great Britain
01952 281500
www.matchroompool.com - facebook - twitter - youtube - instagram

Tuesday 7 May - Sunday 12 May 2024

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Robbie Capito has won the BetVictor 2024 UK Open Pool Championship, beating Mieszko Fortunski 13-10 in a gripping finale at the at the Telford International Centre live on broadcasters worldwide, including DAZN, Viaplay, and Sky Sports in the UK.

Robbie Capito 13
- 10 Mieszko Fortunski

Capito seized an early advantage, showcasing his skill by effortlessly claiming the first rack after winning the lag. However, Fortunski swiftly retaliated, capitalising on Capito's missed shot of the 1-ball in the following rack to initiate a three-rack winning streak.

Undeterred, Capito mounted an impressive comeback, going on a seven-rack charge fuelled by Fortunski's errors to pot the 2-ball in rack 5 and 7. With each player exchanging blows, the tension heightened in rack 11 as Capito demonstrated his strategic prowess with a flawless safety shot, forcing Fortunski into a critical scratch.

As the match unfolded, both players encountered moments of uncertainty. Capito's nerves led to a foul in rack 12, while Fortunski's committed a second scratch, missing a chance to take the lead and allowing Capito to retain his advantage at 8-5. In a seesaw battle, Capito never found himself comfortable, especially when Fortunski capitalised on Capito's missed shot of the 5-ball, closing the gap in rack 15.

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As the match neared its conclusion, the pressure intensified in rack 21 when Capito's second missed shot opened the door for Fortunski to narrow the score to 11-10. However, just as the possibility of a level playing field emerged between the two cueists, Fortunski's failure to hook the 7-ball provided Capito with the opportunity he required to clear the table and reach the hill.

In a fitting end to an intense battle, Capito reclaimed his early composure, calmly clearing the table in the final rack to clinch the UK Open Pool Championship title with a score of 13-10. Today, Robbie Capito transitions from being a rising star to a true champion in the world of professional pool.

The newly crowned UK Open Pool Champion, Robbie Capitio said: “I’ve been working so hard for his moment. I made it clear at the start of the week that I wasn’t just here to participate, I was here to win my first Matchroom Major. And today, I have achieved just that.”

Rally in Shenandoah Valley will take place at the On Cue Sports Bar & Grill, Front Royal, Virginia, from May 17-19, with a field size of 64 players and prize fund of $29,200.

The next signature Matchroom multi-table open event will be the crown jewel of the World Nineball Tour; The 2024 World Pool Championship in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The prestigious tournament takes place from June 3-8 in Green Halls, Jeddah, with a record-breaking $1,000,000 prize pool on offer.

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