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Date: Friday, January 26 2024 @ 01:49:16 UTC
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Jacksonville, Florida, USA — January 25, 2024

New tour launches with 8 stops in 2024, finals in November

Predator Group and the Junior International Championships are proud to announce a new partnership which brings the launch of the Predator Junior American Series, a dedicated tour for America’s next generation of billiards talent.

The Predator Junior American Series will feature eight stops in 2024, with five divisions of boys and girls competition in 14 & under (formerly 13 & under), 18 & under, 20 & under age groups (formerly ‘Pro-Am’). The Junior American Series will then conclude in November, with details of location and date of the Final event to be revealed in due course.

The launch of the Junior American Series is a progression of Ra Hanna’s Junior International Championships, which have supported boys and girls winners in multiple divisions with funding to compete in the BEF Junior National Championships and the Predator WPA World Junior Championships over the last three years.

The Series will give junior players from across America the opportunity to improve and develop their game in tournament conditions. It will help promote the growth of the sport across the United States while preparing the next generation of players for the professional level of the sport.

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The 2024 Predator Junior American Series will begin February 2nd-5th at Wolfs Den, VA with stops at Breaktime Billiards, NC (March 22nd-24th), Michaels Billiards, OH (May 3rd-5th), Railyard Billiards, KY (June 21st-23rd) and Skinny Bobs Billiards, TX (July 26th-28th). Griffs, NV (Aug23rd-25) September and October are being finalized and will be announced soon.

Karim Belhaj, Predator Group CEO, is excited to launch the new tour: “I sat down with Ra Hanna back in Las Vegas in February 2023 and he shared with me what he was doing and his vision with the junior series. He was passionate about it and I am now really proud to be partnering with Ra to build the best junior tour on the planet.

“It is what Predator is about, making the world a better place one pool game at a time. It goes beyond who is wearing what logo. Whether the juniors are playing with Predator or another cue, I want them to have fun. I want them to be become better humans through the sport we all love.”

Ra Hanna added: “We have linked up with Predator Group and we're taking the game back to its roots. The Junior International Championships and Predator are teaming up to whip up the Junior American Series – a wild ride designed to train the next generation of champions while keeping the vibes high.

“We're playing chess at the top tier, and guess what? This right here is our opening move. We're on the lookout for the next wave of warriors – if that's you, roll through. We're ready and waiting, let's go, fam!”

For more information on the Junior American Series and how to enter events, follow the Junior American Series and Predator Group on social media platforms.

Predator’s mission is to inspire billiard fans by providing innovative experiences and products that deliver high-performance, with unsurpassed class and style. Predator Group brands focus on performance pool tables, cues, billiard accessories, and precision components. For more information regarding Predator Group’s products, visit www.predatorcues.com, www.poisoncues.com and www.uni-loc.com.

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