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Author *Industry News* 2015 - 2022


posticon   Posted: 2022-06-30 13:09


Snooker Breaks New Ground With BetVictor World Mixed Doubles

As one of the few major sports where men and women can compete together on an equal footing, snooker will showcase its inclusivity in September with the BetVictor World Mixed Doubles.

The pioneering tournament will see the world’s top four men – Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby and Neil Robertson – each paired with one of the top four women – Reanne Evans, Ng On Yee, Nutcharut Wongharuthai and Rebecca Kenna.

Televised live by ITV, the invitation event will take place over the weekend of Saturday September 24 and Sunday September 25 at the Marshall Arena at MK Stadium in Milton Keynes. Ticket details will be announced soon.

The random draw will take place in advance of the event, with one man drawn to play alongside each woman. The four pairs will compete over two days in a round-robin format, followed by the final with the winning team to be crowned inaugural champion.

Each round-robin match will be four frames, with all frames to be completed. Teams will score one point for each frame. At the end of the group phase, the top two teams will go through to the final, which will be best of seven frames. The two players in a team will make alternate visits to the table (rather than alternate shots).

Session times are 1pm and 7pm on both days. Each of the first three sessions will feature two group matches, so all eight players will be in action. The final will then take place on Sunday September 25 from 7pm.

The players:

Ronnie O’Sullivan – current World Champion, world number one and crowd favourite
Judd Trump – 2019 World Champion known for his flamboyant style
Mark Selby – four time Crucible king and current world number three
Neil Robertson – the best player of the 2021/22 season, winning four titles
Reanne Evans – the most successful ever World Women’s Snooker player with 12 world titles
Ng On Yee – three-time World Champion and one of Hong Kong’s most famous sport stars
Nutcharut Wongharuthai – up-and-coming talent from Thailand who won her first world title 2022
Rebecca Kenna – women’s world number four and multiple title winner

This will be the first televised mixed doubles snooker event since 1991 when Steve Davis and Allison Fisher joined forces to win the title in Hamburg.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “This is the first time that a mixed doubles snooker event will be broadcast live on free-to-air television so it’s a very significant moment for our sport. We’re delighted to partner with ITV and BetVictor for this fantastic tournament.

“Snooker is a game for everyone, regardless of age, gender and nationality, and we have proved this with the expansion of our tour and of the sport at grassroots level. There is no reason why men and women can’t compete together and we are thrilled to have – for the first time - four women on our professional tour in the coming season.

“The BetVictor World Mixed Doubles will be an opportunity for the eight players to compete in pairs, creating a different dynamic to the usual individual formats. It will be fascinating to watch both for the live audience and television viewers.

“We look forward to delivering a high quality event and we hope to make this a regular fixture on the circuit.”

Global Sponsorship manager Sam Boswell from sponsor BetVictor added: “We’re proud to be sponsoring the BetVictor World Mixed Doubles in September, it’s an event that showcases how the game is for everyone, and we look forward to growing our presence in world snooker by supporting this unique tournament.”


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-01 06:50


BetVictor Continues Partnership With World Snooker Tour

BetVictor, a leading global gambling company, will be title sponsor of nine events on the World Snooker Tour during the 2022/23 season, with the leading money winner across the BetVictor Series to earn a huge £150,000 bonus.

WST is delighted to continue its long term partnership with BetVictor, a dedicated supporter of snooker for many years.

The BetVictor sponsored tournaments will include the four BetVictor Home Nations Series events, the new and innovative BetVictor World Mixed Doubles and four others. The events are:

BetVictor Championship League, June 28 to July 29, Leicester, promoted by Matchroom Multi-Sport

BetVictor World Mixed Doubles, September 24-25, Milton Keynes

BetVictor European Masters, August 16-21, Germany

BetVictor Shoot Out, January 26-29, Leicester

BetVictor German Masters, February 1-5, Berlin

BetVictor Home Nations Series

BetVictor Northern Ireland Open, October 16-23, Belfast

BetVictor Scottish Open, November 28 to December 4, Edinburgh

BetVictor English Open, December 12-18, Brentwood

BetVictor Welsh Open, February 13 to 19, Llandudno

All of these events, other than the BetVictor World Mixed Doubles, will count towards the BetVictor Series. All money earned by every player in the eight counting events will be tallied on the BetVictor Series Rankings. The money list leader after the eighth and final event in Wales in February will earn the £150,000 bonus.

Last season, going into the final event there were 11 players still in with a chance of banking the bonus. In a dramatic finish, John Higgins came out on top and won the £150,000. Judd Trump captured the bonus in both 2020 and 2021.

All of the BetVictor-sponsored events will be broadcast live to hundreds of millions of snooker fans across the globe.

Discovery-owned Quest and Eurosport are the host broadcasters for the BetVictor Home Nations Series. Eurosport are also host broadcasters for the BetVictor Shoot Out, BetVictor European Masters and BetVictor German Masters.

The new BetVictor World Mixed Doubles will be live on ITV and ITV4, featuring the world’s top four men and top four women players. The BetVictor Championship League will be broadcast by streaming partners including Matchroom.Live

The events will also be shown around the world on WST’s broadcast partners which include TrueSport, SportCast, Now TV, Astro SuperSport, CCTV5, Liaoning TV, SPS Mongolia, Pakistan TV Sports, Premier Sports Philippines, Hub Sport and DAZN as well as various streaming partners including Huya, Youku, Migu and Matchroom.Live.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “BetVictor has been a fantastic and welcome part of the snooker family for many years and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with them. In the coming season they will sponsor a wide range of events with a variety of formats. Every tournament will feature the very best players in the world at a time when the entertainment delivered by our sport is stronger than ever.

“The BetVictor bonus has provided a fascinating extra element to our tour over the past three years. From the first event, players are striving to top the leaderboard and put themselves in line for the £150,000. To have 11 players in the race over the final three days of the series last season gave us a thrilling conclusion and we hope for a similar story next time.

“Snooker continues to grow in terms of our worldwide television and digital audience, with new and younger fans discovering the enthralling nature of the sport every year. BetVictor have joined us on that journey, bringing their brand to hundreds of millions of followers. They are a great team to work with and we look forward to developing our relationship for many years to come.”


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-07 19:40


Billiard Congress of America Welcomes New Board Member

Superior, Colo. – July 7, 2022, the Billiard Congress of America announced the results of its 2022-2023 Board of Directors elections, which are as follows:

Category 1 (Manufacturer/Distributor)
Trey Stites (Champion Shuffleboard), three-year term

In the follow-up election of BCA officers, Shane Bouchard (Maine Home Recreation) accepted a one-year term as BCA Board Chairman, as did each of the remaining seated officers: Vice Chairman Ivan Lee (Iwan Simonis, Inc.); Secretary Stephanie Schmidt (A. E. Schmidt); and Treasurer Nick Kroll (Viking Cues). The remaining directors include: Ed Liddawi (Sandcastle Billiards); Philippe Singer (The Predator Group); Debbie Corvey (Boynton Beach Billiards); Robbie Selby (R and R Outdoors); and Trey Stites (Champion Shuffleboard).

About Billiard Congress of America

Founded in 1948, the Billiard Congress of America is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to growing a united, prosperous and highly regarded billiard industry through BCA leadership. The BCA seeks to enhance the success of its members and promote the game of billiards though educational, marketing and promotional efforts, annual industry trade shows, tournaments and other programs designed to encourage billiards as a lifestyle and make pool everybody's game. For more information, visit bca-pool.com or call 303.243.5070.


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-07 20:15


34th Annual BEF Junior National Pool Championships Crowns 2022 National Champions]
Superior, Colo., July 6, 2022 – The Billiard Education Foundation recently held its 34th annual Junior National Pool Championships, Tuesday, June 21 to Saturday, June 25. The event attracted more than 130 of the top junior pool players across the country.

During the event, the Billiard Education Foundation recognized more than 90 players as Academic All Americans, as they all had a great point average of 3.0 GPA or better. Of those players, 39 players had a 4.0 GPA or higher. Along with the Academic All Americans, the BEF also recognized Hayleigh Marion and Kaden Hillman as the recipients of this year’s Brenden Crocket Sportsman Award for exemplifying the ideals of sportsmanship while at the pool table with ethical behavior, fair play, and integrity throughout the event.

During the week-long tournament BCA Hall of Famer Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman also held his 28th consecutive annual artistic pool competition. Dr. Cue presented the 2022 Artistic Pool awards to this year’s champions: Brody Hillman (U18 boys division), Kaden Hillman (U16 and U14 boys divisions), Sofia Mast (U18 girls division), Hayleigh Marion (U16 girls division), and Skylar Hess (U14 girls division).

On Saturday, June 25th the Junior National Pool Championships concluded with the final matches in each category. In an effort to align with the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championship, the BEF awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three finishers of each division.

The finalist of this year’s BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships presented by Iwan Simonis are:

Gold Medalists:
• 18UB Landon Hollingsworth (Greenville, SC)
• 18UG Skylar Hess (Queenstown, MD)
• 16UB Adrian Prasad (Sacramento, CA)
• 16UG Precilia Kinsley (Roanoke, VA)
• 14UB Eddie Vonderau (Rapid City, SD)
• 14UG Savannah Easton (Las Vegas, NV)

Silver Medalists:
• 18UB Joey Tate (Elm City, NC)
• 18UG Kennedy Meyman (White Bear Lake, MN)
• 16UB Harry Leinen (Waconia, MN)
• 16UG Bethany Tate (Elm City, NC)
• 14UB Jayce Little (High Point, NC)
• 14UG Sofia Mast (Land O’ Lakes, FL)

Bronze Medalists:
• 18UB Niko Konkel (Winston-Salem, NC)
• 18UG Courtney Hairfield (Chester, VA)
• 16UB Niko Konkel (Winston-Salem, NC)
• 16UG Hayleigh Marion (Bristol, VA)
• 14UB Jordan Witkin (Algonquin, IL)
• 14UG Noelle Tate (Elm City, NC)

The finalist of this year’s BEF U18 8-Ball National Championship presented by Lucasi Cues are:

8-Ball Girls Division:
• Gold Medalist: Savannah Easton (Las Vegas, NV)
• Silver Medalist: Sofia Mast (Land O’ Lakes, FL)
• Bronze Medalist: Jordan Helfrey (St. Joseph, MO)

8-Ball Boys Division:
• Gold Medalist: Trent White (Plant City, FL)
• Silver Medalist: Jacob Kohl (Stevens, PA)
• Bronze Medalist: Brent Worth (Hampton, VA)

The finalist of this year’s BEF U22 10-Ball National Championship presented by Diamond Billiard Products are:

• Gold Medalist: Landon Hollingsworth (Greenville, SC)
• Silver Medalist: Nathan Nunes (Fremont, CA)
• Bronze Medalist: Adrian Prasad (Sacramento, CA)

Introduced at this year’s BEF Junior National Pool Championships was the Michael J. Repici Girls in Billiards Scholarship. The new scholarship fund provided $1,000 to the three girls 9-Ball division champions. In its inaugural year, the recipients of the Michael J Repici include: U18 9-Ball Champion Skylar Hess; U16 9-Ball Champion Precilia Kinsley; and U14 9-Ball Champion Savannah Easton.

Sponsors for this year’s event included:

• Aramith
• BilliardsKing.com
• Diamond Billiard Products
• Iwan Simonis
• J. Pechauer Custom Cues
• JamUp Apparel
• Lucasi Cues
• Mako Tips
• Predator Group
• Schon Custom Cues
• Seyberts Billiard Supply

About Billiard Education Foundation

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. The BEF is managed by the Billiard Congress of America. For more information about the BEF or to learn how you can support the foundation please visit BilliardEducation.org.


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-11 09:17


Snooker Stars Heading For Hong Kong In October

World Snooker Tour and Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council (HKBSCC) are pleased to announce the return of the Hong Kong Masters to the WST calendar in October this year.

This prestigious invitation event was last held in 2017 and was a tremendous success. The last edition in 2017 was held in Hong Kong’s Queen Elizabeth Stadium, which was recognised by many players as one of the best venues for a snooker tournament. Neil Robertson beat Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final.

This time it will be staged, for the first time, in the Hong Kong Coliseum, the largest indoor stadium in Hong Kong with a maximum capacity of 10,000.

HKBSCC will invite eight top players, including Hong Kong’s snooker icons Marco Fu and Ng On Yee, to compete over four days from 6 to 9 October 2022.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “We are excited to bring this event back to the calendar for the first time in five years and we are thrilled to be working with HKBSCC on what will be a fantastic tournament.

“Many of the world’s top players described the 2017 Hong Kong Masters as one of the best atmospheres they have ever played in, and this is another opportunity for them to experience the support of the local fans.”

HKBSCC Chairman Vincent Law said: “The Hong Kong Masters will be the first major international sport event in Hong Kong since we were hit by the pandemic. There is no better occasion to show to the world that Hong Kong is back for business. We hope the tournament this time will set more records and bring excitement that the public have been longing for. We are thankful to WST for its support to billiard sports in Hong Kong. We hope the players and the people of Hong Kong will have some fun.”

The player line up and ticketing information will be announced by HKBSCC shortly.


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-11 17:41


GBE-Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition Returns for This Aug. With Brand New Products

By GBE Committee

Opening its show floor to worldwide buyers and exhibitors for the 16th time, GBE expo will make a strong comeback this August with an abundance of new innovations, technologies and information.

The 16th Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE 2022)
Date: August 10th-11th (9:00-17:00); August 12th (9:00-13:00)
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
Website: www.gbechina.com

Besides those commonly-found products like billiard cues, cue cases, cue tips, billiard tables, table slates, cloth and lights, billiard balls, chalks and etc., scores of new exhibitors will also come with billiard hall furnishings like carpets, floors, sofas, chairs, as well as smart management systems, score keeping solutions, and a collection of game tables.

Currently, China has shortens its quarantine to 10 days for overseas arrivals, which means there is still enough time for you to plan an in-person visit to GBE. If not, we are also happy to help you make contact with suppliers you need!

Partial Exhibitors for GBE 2022

Billiard Cues: Cueman Duan, J.Flowers, B.S. Cue, Vision Sports, Oulai Sporting Goods, Youlian Xinda Trading, Weizhuosite Sporting Goods, Taile Cue Factory, and etc.

Billiard Tables: JOY, B.L.P, RASSON, Jianying Billiards, Xingjue Billiards, DZS, Baineng KK, MR SUNG, Jingkai, Tianxi Billiards, Yimeisi Billiard Tables, Kangborui Sporting Goods, and etc.

Table Cloth: Strachan 6811, Iwan Simonis, WSP Textiles, CPBA, Liberwin, Shenyang Textiles, Dikaisi Textiles, Zhongxing Textile, and etc.

Table Slates: Aosikang Stone, Hengkang Stone, Tianbang Stone, Qixing Stone, Wenlei Stone, Xinmingjia Trading, Wansheng Stone, and etc.

Billiard Accessories: Aramith, Unique, Shuangzixing Sporting Goods, Hongtaiyang Sporting Goods, Jingling Sporting Goods, and etc.

Billiard Hall Furnishings: Junyao Sports, Huade Carpet, Angting Decoration Materials, Meiyi Furniture, Ruiqi Furniture, Qiule Lighting, Huyi Billiard Equipment, and etc.

Billiard Hall Management Solutions: Rich Technology, Qingzhou Technology, CRAND Technologies, Mokuai Technology, Kangxi Shengshi, and etc.

For more information about our show or our exhibitors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us
Contact Person:Monnie Chan
TEL/WA:+86 13169641676


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-12 15:11



Matchroom Pool is delighted to confirm that The APF Asian 9-Ball Open 2022 this August 24-28 in Singapore will become the first ranking event in Asia on the Nineball World Rankings with the tournament organised by the Asian Pool Federation set to welcome some of the world’s biggest names led by US Open runner-up and Singaporean Aloysius Yapp.

Tournament Information
The addition of the tournament marks a major moment in the inaugural year of the Nineball World Rankings with the eventual winner of the APF 9-Ball Asian Open set to take home $10,000 in a maximum field of 96 and an entry fee of only $200. Fans will be treated to seeing some of the biggest names alongside Yapp including Ko Pin Yi, Ko Ping Chung, and Naoyuki Oi.

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer said: “We’re delighted to welcome the APF 9-Ball Asian Open to our Nineball World Ranking schedule. The tournament offers a fantastic opportunity for players in the Southern Hemisphere the opportunity to earn vital Nineball World Ranking events which shape the backbone of Matchroom Events and will be the future of Nineball and Pool. Whilst filling the calendar with European events is great, we have been concerned about the travel constraint for players based in Asia and potentially non-eligible for Nineball ranking points, we hope it’s the first of many ranking events in Asia for us. These rankings points will prove vital for players looking to play at the highest level and playing for the biggest prizes. It’s becoming more and more lucrative to play Nineball.”

Other participants include:

Robbie Capito (Hong Kong, China)
Johann Chua (Philippines)
Jeff De Luna (Philippines)
Duong Quoc Hoang (Vietnam)
Nguyen Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
Luong Duc Thien (Vietnam)
Chang Yu Lung (Chinese Taipei)
“Asian Pool Federation Limited( APF) is thrilled by this exciting collaboration with Matchroom Pool which will undoubtedly enhance and reinvigorate #asianpoolwith the introduction of the Nine-ball World Ranking points for the APF Asian 9-Ball 2022 tournament “ – Christopher Chuah, President and Founding Member of APF.

From 96 to 32, the tournament will be double-elimination with each match a Race to 9. From the Last 32 to the semi-finals it will be single-elimination and Races to 11. The semi-final and final will be a Race to 13.

The tournament joins the PRP Nineball Open that was added to the Nineball World Ranking schedule last week. PRP Billiards will promote the 128-player tournament in Zaragoza, Spain from September September, 14 to 19.

How the Live 2023 Nineball Rankings Impact the 2022 Mosconi Cup Selection Process

The top player from each team from the Live Nineball World Rankings will be selected after the conclusion of the 2022 European Open Pool Championship at Hotel Esperanto Fulda, August 9-14 2022.

A further two players for each team will then be taken off the Live Nineball World Rankings after the conclusion of the 2022 US Open Pool Championship at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City from October 10-15 2022.

Both Team Europe and the USA will then have two wild card picks each as selected by the two respective captains Alex Lely and Jeremy Jones.

About Nineball World Rankings
Find out more on the new global nineball world ranking system. The rankings are the new cornerstone of the game globally to recognise Nineball as the primary discipline of pool, sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association. The establishment of the Nineball World Rankings propelled Matchroom’s further commitment to the growth of pool globally.


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posticon   Posted: 2022-07-16 05:47



The WCBS Board unanimously decided to lift its ban on Russian and Belarusian Athletes from competing in WCBS and its Member Federation Competitions.

Athletes from Russia and Belarus can now compete in Billiards Competitions under a Neutral Flag.

The decision of the WCBS is endorsed by its three members, the IBSF (International Billiards & Snooker Federation), the UMB (Union Mondiale de Billard), and the WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association).

The World
Confederation of
Billiards Sports

Maison du Sport International
Av. de Rhodanie 54
1007 Lausanne Switzerland


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Joined: 13-Mar-2006
Posts: 10944
From: England

europe    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2022-07-26 07:32


July 25, 2022

CueSports International (CSI), and its CSI Leagues division, is excited to announce the Amusement & Music Operators of Wyoming (AMOW) as its newest affiliate league association. On Monday, July 18, the AMOW Board of Directors voted in favor of the new affiliation which makes all AMOW leagues, essentially every pool league in the state of Wyoming, members of the BCA Pool League.

This affiliation brings a wealth of new benefits to AMOW League Operators and players. Every AMOW league will now use the FargoRate League Management System (LMS) at no cost, the BCA Pool League mobile scoring app at no cost, all AMOW league data will be automatically reported to FargoRate at no cost, all AMOW players will get the premium features of the FargoRate app at no cost, all AMOW players can become eligible for BCA Pool League events, including the BCA Pool League World Championships in Las Vegas, and much more.

Additionally, all AMOW annual events will convert from the old subjective rating structure (AAA / AA / A / B / C) to divisions based on Fargo ratings and use the CSI online registration and tournament management system (CTS), the only such system in the world with FargoRate fully integrated. This means that AMOW players can register online for AMOW events and all divisions will be more competitive.

Finally, AMOW events will now use the brand new 7-foot Predator Apex Premier League Edition pool tables, which have been meticulously designed as a collaboration between CSI and Predator for maximum performance, reliability, and fun. To learn more about the 7-foot Predator Apex Premier League Edition table, click here.

AMOW President, Nic George, expressed his excitement about the new affiliation when he said, “We have clearly outgrown our humble beginnings. The time to move forward with CSI and FargoRate is now. We’re most excited for what this strategic partnership provides.”

Ozzy Reynolds, CueSports International CEO said, "We are thrilled to have the AMOW as part of the CSI Leagues family. Change is not the comfortable thing to do and the AMOW Board of Directors should be proud of themselves for being true leaders by improving their organization and the entire pool landscape in the state of Wyoming."

CSI is committed to unifying all pool leagues, across the globe, under one umbrella. All leagues, state and regional associations, and even other national organizations, can join CSI Leagues to obtain the vast array of benefits while maintaining their identities and independence. Any association or organization interested in offering the very best to its members should contact CSI at leagues@playcsipool.com.

The Amusement Music Operators of Wyoming (AMOW) is a state association comprised of service companies in the coin-operated amusement industry who share a common goal of providing recreation, camaraderie, fun and fair competition to Wyoming communities by coordinating well organized pool and dart leagues and events. We are proud to offer to qualified players, annually held Wyoming state events that recognize growth and excellence at all skill levels. By partnering with outstanding international organizations for pool and darts, the integrity of each sport is ensured and Wyoming qualified league players are invited to attend and compete in choice events hosted worldwide.

CueSports International (CSI) is an international pool league and event leader and is comprised of three divisions: CSI Leagues, CSI Events and CSI Media. CSI Leagues manages the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League; CSI Events produces numerous league and professional events around the globe and CSI Media creates live streaming and digital content. Through its vision and strategic alliances, CSI is “shaping the future of pool.” For more information about CSI or any of its divisions, visit www.playcsipool.com or find CueSports International on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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EuroTour Live broadcast from Bulgaria

The Dynamic Billard Petrich Open has come to the final stages and the
semi-finals and final can be viewed on the following TV platforms

Bulgaria will be live on B1B.Box
Netherlands will be live on Eyecons
Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North
Macedonia and Greece will be live on SportKlub HD
Austria’s ORF will show replays or highlights and Poland’s SportKlub TV
will show a replay.

Attached is a graphic if you would like to share this information to
your member during the Monday.

The semi-finals start at 17:00h local time, 16:00h CET with the final
scheduled at 20:00 local time 19:00 CET.


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